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Caring For Man In Coma
Caring For Man In Coma
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In the end we felt we had accomplished much, but could also see that all that we did, whatever it was, was quite small in comparison to the need. We fell back on something that Mother Teresa had expressed when she was asked about the same problem in India, that her work only scratched the surface of the need there, "We do small things with great love."


We each felt that the medical work we did and the health education we brought were only one part of why we went, and that the other part, bringing God's love and a human touch of love to a people that might very well feel ignored and left behind, had tremendous value. In the final analysis, our work was a work of individuals reaching across the table and touching in a loving way another human being of great worth.


Full Moon Setting At New Day
Full Moon Setting At New Day's Break
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